Mary visits Drain Doctor – in UK and Portugal

Mary Kennedy Thompson, president of the Mr. Rooter Corporation of the USA, has been meeting Drain Doctor franchisees and staff in the UK and Portugal.

Mr Rooter is the US equivalent of Drain Doctor Plumbing – the UK’s largest emergency plumbing and drain repair service – and both are part of the Dwyer Group in the USA.

Mary – who was an  officer in the US Marines before embarking upon a highly successful career in commerce – was the guest of Freddie and Jan Mitman, respectively the chairman and franchise sales director of Drain Doctor. Her visit to Europe included attending the Drain Doctor annual convention in Stratford upon Avon, which brought together franchisees from across the UK, and a trip to the recently-opened Drain Doctor operation in Portugal, the British company’s first overseas venture.

She said: “There is a two-way trade in ideas between Drain Doctor and Mr Rooter. Having an opportunity to see first hand some of the things that Drain Doctor is doing has helped to strengthen the links between the two companies.”

Jan Mitman said: “We have learned a lot from Mary and from American franchisees over the years. Mary’s visit gave a real boost to European franchisees as they saw what could be possible for their own businesses.”

Drain Doctor and Mr Rooter both offer guaranteed 24 hours per day 365 days per year service with a fixed price ‘menu’ and no call-out or out-of-hours charges.


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