Arrest a plumber – fix the jail

Plumbing problems abound at the local jail, according to a report by the Mendocino County grand jury in the USA. Among the problems are toilets with leaky bowls and continually running tank water; too much or too little water pressure in drinking fountains; some drinking fountains running continually; leaky plumbing on the jail’s outside walls; and repairs made with self-manufactured parts, including a combination of various metals and plastics.

The grand jury has produced a report demanding repairs should be made. It titled the report ‘Arrest a Plumber – Fix the Jail!’.

We hope it’s just a joke (surely, it is just a joke?). Otherwise there may be a lot of nervous plumbers in the locality.

And given the cuts in public spending now being implemented in the UK, we can only hope that the idea in the title of the report does not catch on over here!


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