Chartered civil engineers take up Drain Doctoring

Krishna Moorthy has taken up 'Drain Doctoring.'

Two chartered civil engineers with over 30 years experience have left the board of a blue chip engineering consultancy to start their own plumbing and drainage business. Krishna Moorthy and Paul Fleetham have taken over the London South East, Bromley and Bexley and Tonbridge Wells franchise areas of Drain Doctor Plumbing.

As chartered civil engineers Krishna and Paul had progressed to the board of a blue chip consulting engineers that turns over £200 million per year. When the company was taken over by an American firm and the board function was moved to the United States he decided to review other business opportunities. Krishna will be the Director in-charge of the operations and Paul Fleetham will concentrate on business development. 

Krishna said: “I looked at franchise businesses related to civil engineering that would also provide a service to the public. I also wanted to remain in the maintenance and construction sector. 

“The idea of buying a going concern with the franchise support of a national organisation appealed to me. The London South East franchise presented an existing business linked to the sector that I wanted to be involved in and has an excellent reputation, built up by the current franchisees Alvin and Korina Jones. 

“After researching the business I spoke to a number of bankers about the opportunity. They all said that they would provide me with the maximum amount of finance available for a small business start-up if I went for a Drain Doctor franchise. That reputation and endorsement influenced my decision.” 

Krishna firmly believes that with the support of Drain Doctor he can take the business into new areas. He said: “With my experience there are a number of other things that I can bring to the business for Drain Doctor to consider beyond our core plumbing and drain repair business. 

“I would eventually like to exploit other niche areas of the market by extending the scope of the Drain Doctor business into other areas of civil engineering, capitalising on areas in which Paul and I have worked in the past. I would like to explore expansion into these areas with Drain Doctor backing.” 

Krishna is looking at areas including pipeline work for water companies, work on highways drainage, civil construction and providing survey services for local authorities. He has a three-part plan for expanding his business. 

He explained: “The game plan is first to get the optimum set up within the franchise area with the existing four vans and technicians. There is excellent potential to expand this. Currently the population of the franchise areas could sustain a business with up to 17 vans by maintaining the traditional Drain Doctor service. 

“Secondly, I would like to train my technicians for highways work in order to gain the appropriate licences so that we can tap additional markets. 

“Finally, I want to look at other ways of drawing on my connections and past experience to further expand our portfolio of services.”

Welcome Krishna and Paul.


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