Hose pipe ban – are you wasting water?

Follow a few simple rules to save water - get your plumbing checked.

News that a ban on the use of hose pipes is being introduced in parts of England because of a shortage of water (in an area that only recently was in the headlines because of floods!) reminds us just how precious and fragile our water supply is.

We can all help to save water by following some simple tips (see http://www.water-guide.org.uk/tips.html, for example) and by making sure that we are not losing water through leaks and drips. If you have a tap that will not shut off properly and continually drips or if you have water running from overflows, you are wasting water. If you are on a metered water supply you are also wasting money!

So give your plumbing a quick check – or get Drain Doctor to do it – and help yourself and your community to cut water waste and avoid the need for more hose pipe bans.


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One response to “Hose pipe ban – are you wasting water?

  1. Neil

    Banning hose pipes is really an appreciable step in saving-water from being wasted. Using hosepipes for washing cars causes a huge amount of water to go in the drain. Washing a car can also be possible using a bucket and a sponge, which consume only 25 per cent less water than that of hosepipes.

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