Plumbers save the world

I feel a theme developing here. After recent posts about plumbers rescuing animals and saving residents from fires, here is a story about other notable deeds by (American) plumbers.

Surely us Brits have equally inspiring tales of plumbing initiative and derring-do? Come on, don’t be shy. Let us know.


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  1. I have never rescued any animals, but about a year ago I was passing a burning house with the female resident and a electrican out side, they said a electrical spark started a gas fire and the fire brigade was on the way. know the lay out of the houses in that area I knew the gas mains switch was in the cupboard by the front door, so I went and switched it of and the flames died down by about 80 percent straight away and from there we were able to out the flames before the fire brigade got there, felt like a bit of a hero at the time and I know I saved the place from a gas explosion

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