Get the FOG out of our drains

According to Anglian Water around 10 per cent of its sewer network is clogged with waste fats oils and grease (FOG) at any one time. Clearing blockages in sewers and drains across the UK costs over £15 million a year.   Reducing these costs helps keep bills low for householders.

A new report has found that there are approximately 200,000 blockages throughout the UK every year, of which up to 75 per cent are caused by fats oils and grease. The production of oils and fats for cooking has trebled since the 1960s. Hundreds of thousands of litres of FOG are used every week and much of it ends up in the sewer instead of being disposed of correctly or collected and recycled in free, regulated and regular schemes.

The findings were revealed at a conference organised by Cranfield University and sponsored byAnglian Water to educate wastewater, catering, public health and environmental professionals on the effective management and removal of FOGs  in drainage systems.

Steve Kaye, Manager of Innovations, Anglian Water, said: “FOG should be considered a valuable resource. If it can be prevented from entering sewers, it can be used to make biofuel or digested to generate electricity.”

At Drain Doctor we have always advised householders and businesses not to throw oils and cooking fats down the sink or drain. Collect it in a container and dispose of it carefully. You could also install a a grease trap and a strainer in plug holes to catch hair and other objects that could block drains.


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