You can trust a Drain Doctor plumber

Trust Drain Doctor to solve any plumbing problems.

According to a recent survey carried out by the Co-operative Bank, plumbers rank alongside bankers, MPs and estate agents as one of the least trusted professions.

The survey says that the top 10 most distrusted professions are:

1. Politicians
2. Bankers
3. Journalists
4. Car Salesmen
5. Estate Agents
6. Electricians
7. Plumbers
8. Builders
9. Car Mechanics
10. Footballers

While it is certain that the plumbing trade is plagued by cowboy operators with some emergency plumbing companies charging rip off prices once they have been called out, Drain Doctor is not one of them.

Drain Doctor offers a fixed price menu with no call out charges and prides itself on providing a dazzling level of service. There is no call out charge and customers are given a no obligation quote before work starts.

This is one ‘top 10’ that the plumbing industry does not want to be in. With hard work and more transparency over pricing perhaps we can get ourselves into the ‘top 10’ most trusted professions alongside other emergency services.



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