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Plumbing by phone

Here’s a neat idea from our American cousins.

Mr Rooter (Drain Doctor‘s sister company in the USA) is offering discount vouchers to customers via their mobile phones.

Let us have some customer feedback. Is this something Drain Doctor should be doing in the UK? What do you think?


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One drip at a time

The organisation we know as Drain Doctor in the UK is Mr Rooter in the USA. And I’ve just found a rather neat little gadget on the Mr Rooter website.

Take a look at the dripping tap you’ve been meaning to get fixed for – well, for ages. How many times does it drip in a minute?

Put that number into the calculator on the Mr Rooter website and it will tell you how many (US) gallons or litres of water you waste in a day – or a year.

Now, don’t forget you probably pay for that water twice. Water companies charge for the water that they deliver and then charge again for the sewage and waste water that they take away.

Time to call the Drain Doctor and get that tap fixed?

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Mr Rooter saves house from fire

There is a great story from Canada (where, as in the USA, Drain Doctor is called Mr Rooter) on the Mrs Rooter blog.

Technicians from our Canadian sister company sprang into action when the roof of the house where they were working caught fire. By the time the fire brigade arrived, the plumbers had the blaze under control.

And I bet they didn’t even charge extra for it!

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Sign of the times

Plumbers – and the companies that supply them – have not always been the most innovative organisations when it comes to marketing and publicity.

Back in the 1950s in Michigan, though, one plumbing supply company came up with something that became a local icon. The Brenske Plumbing Supply Company’s


illuminated neon sign was so well-known that when its premises were redeveloped to become a pharmacy, the sign was rescued and put in a local museum.

Now the museum is asking for donations to help preserve the sign for future generations.

The story has given me a number of ideas.  Where could we erect a giant Drain Doctor logo, complete with illuminated Mr Winky animatedly flashing his one-eyed greeting?

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Super Mario – Role model for Drain Doctor

Statue of Super Mario at the Swedish Nintendo ...

Image via Wikipedia


Computer game character Super Mario is 25 years old this week. More than 240 million games featuring the plucky plumber have been sold worldwide. 

Of course, all our Drain Doctor plumbers are super heroes. But let’s be honest – if you had been asked 25 years ago, how likely would you have thought it that a cartoon plumber would become an international icon? 

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World record flush?

Orlando Magic playing against the Los Angeles ...

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This story got me thinking.

Apparently, hundreds of school students from Orlando in the USA will be joining city officials and members of the Orlando Magic basketball team to simultaneously flush 443 toilets in the Amway Center, the new home for the Orlando Magic team.

The mass flushing is supposed to test the stadium’s plumbing system to make sure that no problems come up if all the toilets in the building  are flushed at the same time.

Could this be a world record? Does anyone know?

And could we beat it? Come on, who would like to join in an attempt at the world’s largest flush?


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£40,000 fine for fat down the drain

Image of a pipe

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Scottish Water is threatening £40,000 fines for companies that empty cooking fat into drains. It estimates the cost of clearing blockages caused by fat in the sewers to be around £2 million every year and is ‘getting tough’ with the companies that create the problem.

The solution (as Scottish Water points out) is for restaurants and food processors to fit a grease trap that will separate fats and oils from waste water before it goes into the sewer.

Drain Doctor can advise on fitting grease traps and can also service traps already fitted, to make sure they are working as they should. It must be cheaper than a £40,000 fine!


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