Plumber rescues wedding ring

Just after we reported on one of our Drain Doctor plumbers saving a holiday by rescuing car keys that had been flushed down the toilet (see story below) I read this story about our colleagues in the USA (where Drain Doctor is known as Mr Rooter). This time it was a wedding ring (or rings – the story is not entirely clear) that the plumber rescued from the lavatory.

I suppose, given the numbers of people and toilets that there are in the world, accidents like this are inevitable every now and again. Usually they are the result of things being put on a shelf near the toilet (or on top of the toilet cistern) that are then knocked into the toilet bowl.

Why you would then flush the toilet (as many people seem to do), having realised that you have just dropped something valuable down there, is a mystery to me!


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  1. Here ( is an update on the story.

    It seems a cat was responsible for knocking the rings down the toilet.

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