Globetrotting oil rigger takes up Drain Doctoring

Former shipbuilder, oil rigger and world traveller Simon Tait (34) is putting down roots and has now started his own plumbing and drainage business. 

Steel fabricator Simon has taken on a franchise business of Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage offering emergency plumbing and drain repairs to commercial and domestic customers in South Manchester covering Stockport, Macclesfield and the surrounding towns and villages. 

Simon began his career as an apprentice steel fabricator in the Tyne shipyards where, among other things, he worked on ships for the Royal Fleet Auxiliary. He has also worked in shipyards in France and Holland providing maintenance for ferries. 

More recently Simon has worked on North Sea oil rigs maintaining the steel support structures and also plumbing maintenance within the accommodation area. 

Spending increasing amounts of time away from home prompted Simon to think about more settled opportunities. Realising that he had the skills to run his own business he started looking for an opportunity. Despite the recession Simon felt that the time was right to start a business by sticking to an opportunity based on a tried and tested formula. 

Simon said: “My partner Stacey and I went on an 12 month trip around the world. We started in China and travelled to Hong Kong, then down from Thailand, overland through Malaysia to Singapore then to Australia. 

“We bought a camper Van in Cairns and drove down the East coast of Australia to Sydney. We sold the van and bought a car which we took to Melbourne where we sold it. Then we flew to New Zealand and then travelled in South America before returning home.” 

On their return Simon and Stacey decided to settle in Manchester where Stacey lives. Simon said: “I wanted to be my own boss and I was looking for an opportunity in Manchester. I looked at the Drain Doctor business and realised it is a great opportunity to develop. 

“The business is not about sitting in the office waiting for the phone to ring. It is important to market properly. By working hard – and by following the Drain Doctor system that is there to help – success will follow, but it doesn’t happen over night. This was made clear right from the start.” 

Simon will start with one fully equipped van and hopes to add another van with a technician within six months. Initially, Stacey, who works part time at Manchester Airport, will help with the administrative work. 

“Stacey is going to start training as a nurse soon and when she gets her nursing degree I will have to employ a full-time member of staff. She has said that she is going to tell all her student nurse friends that she is dating a doctor – albeit a Drain Doctor!”


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