£40,000 fine for fat down the drain

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Scottish Water is threatening £40,000 fines for companies that empty cooking fat into drains. It estimates the cost of clearing blockages caused by fat in the sewers to be around £2 million every year and is ‘getting tough’ with the companies that create the problem.

The solution (as Scottish Water points out) is for restaurants and food processors to fit a grease trap that will separate fats and oils from waste water before it goes into the sewer.

Drain Doctor can advise on fitting grease traps and can also service traps already fitted, to make sure they are working as they should. It must be cheaper than a £40,000 fine!



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2 responses to “£40,000 fine for fat down the drain

  1. An automated grease recovery device would solve the grease trap problems see http://www.greasetrap.ca

  2. gonna send this to my mom

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