World record flush?

Orlando Magic playing against the Los Angeles ...

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This story got me thinking.

Apparently, hundreds of school students from Orlando in the USA will be joining city officials and members of the Orlando Magic basketball team to simultaneously flush 443 toilets in the Amway Center, the new home for the Orlando Magic team.

The mass flushing is supposed to test the stadium’s plumbing system to make sure that no problems come up if all the toilets in the building  are flushed at the same time.

Could this be a world record? Does anyone know?

And could we beat it? Come on, who would like to join in an attempt at the world’s largest flush?



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3 responses to “World record flush?

  1. Brett Daley

    And if you set a new world record, will you be flushed with success?

  2. Brett Daley

    Of course, if you win the record you will have to defend it – otherwise it will be no more than a flush in the pan.

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