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Plumber shoots at intruder

Texas Flag

Image by Houstonian via Flickr

Texas has a reputation for breeding rough, tough folk. The ‘Lone Star’ state is chock-a-block with oilmen, ranchers, Texas Rangers and cowboys. Even the plumbers carry six shooters it seems.

We recently came across this story from the United States about the owner of a Texas plumbing business who faced a robber on his premises. According to The Star Telegram, the plumber wrestled with the intruder before shooting at him. The robber fled empty-handed before police arrived on the scene.

Thankfully, armed robbery is relatvely rare here.  UK gun laws prevent people from carrying firearms, but  it is good sense to be aware of the potential risk of robbery and to take reasonable precautions to safeguard your safety and that of your technicians and staff.



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Trick or treat? Halloween risk to drains.

Pumpkins at Halloween

Image via Wikipedia

When I was a lad (it was some time ago) Halloween was not something that figured large on our calendar. It is only in recent years that ‘trick or treat’ and pumpkin lanterns have become commonplace in the UK at the end of October.

According to Mr Rooter, Drain Doctor’s sister company in the USA and Canada, we may be in danger of importing some other Halloween traditions – like drains blocked with pumpkin waste.

But the trick to keeping pumpkin pulp and seeds from turning Halloween into a plumbing nightmare is as easy as pie.

“Instead of carving your jack-o’-lantern in or by the kitchen sink, try a newspaper,” advises Stacy Miskew of Mr Rooter Plumbing of Edmonton. “You need to be cautious when removing and disposing of the pumpkin’s sticky substance.”

When pumpkin pulp goes down the kitchen sink drain, the orange substance hardens and sticks to the pipes. Pumpkin carvers can end up with clogged drains if they aren’t careful.

That is a Halloween tradition we probably do not want to import to the UK.

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Sign of the times – updated

It is good to be able to report that the campaign to save the neon plumbing supplies sign that we reported on a few weeks ago has achieved success, according to local media reports in Michigan, USA.

 The Brenske Plumbing Supply Company’s  1950’s illuminated neon sign was so well-known that when its premises were redeveloped to become a pharmacy, the sign was rescued and put in a local museum. Now the museum says it has raised almost all the money needed to re-erect the sign and preserve it for future generations. Work is already under way to place the sign in its new home.

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Cat stuck in toilet Down Under

A six-week-old kitten.

Image via Wikipedia

First we had bank worker Mary Bale getting caught on CCTV depositing a moggy in a wheelie bin.

Now it seems kittens are getting flushed down toilets. New South Wales emergency services were called to a home in Sydney’s North West recently when a kitten was flushed down a loo by a two-year old girl. The kitten survived.  Rescuers were able to locate the pussy using a CCTV camera in the drain. They removed the toilet and a concrete slab in order to get the kitten out.

Hopefully the little girl wasn’t unduly influenced by Ding Dong Bell. Anyway, all’s well that ends well.

Remember, don’t use the toilet like a rubbish bin. Don’t flush large items such as nappies and avoid flushing wet wipes and materials that don’t break down in the water. If the toilet blocks – call the Drain Doctor.

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Austrian hotel is down the drain

Image courtesy Dietmar Tollerian

Surfing the net looking for a weekend break recently Drain Doctor came across this unusual hotel in Austria.

The rooms of the Park Hotel at Ottensheim near Linz are pods made from recycled sewer pipes. Each cylindrical pod features a double bed, light, storage space and a sleeping bag. A porthole window provides a view to the outside world.

Guests can book online at Das Park Hotel.

The only drawback – no en suite. Toilets and showers, breakfast and other hotel facilities are provided through existing public infrastructure.  In addition guests only need pay what they feel their stay in the hotel is worth.

Perhaps Drain Doctor could branch out into the hotel trade?

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Drain Doctor going green!

The carbon footprint as it is understood by pe...

Image via Wikipedia

To help the environment Drain Doctor Birmingham and West Midlands is reducing its carbon footprint by using greener fuels!

It has now changed to a fuel suppliers which provides it  with a five per cent blend of biodiesel for its vans and machinery. To demonstrate its carbon reduction the fuel company provides Drain Doctor with a certificate that shows its exact carbon reduction in kilograms.

Since implementing the change Drain Doctor Birmingham’s carbon emission reduction on 1,175 litres of fuel is 1,55 kilograms!!

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Our request answered – London to get statue of plumber

City of London logo based on City of London we...

Image via Wikipedia

Just days after we asked on this blog for a statue of a plumber to be erected in London we read that a seven-foot tall bronze of an apprentice plumber is to be placed in Cannon Street, site of the original hall of the Worshipful Company of Plumbers.

The monument will be installed next year to mark the 400th anniversary of the company receiving its Royal Charter from King James I.

The power of this blog is impressive, don’t you think? We have only to make a suggestion and the authorities rush to implement our ideas.

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