Regular check-ups by the Drain Doctor offer prevention rather than cure.

A CCTV inspection of the drain will show the nature and location of the problem.

Prevention is better than cure. Any doctor will tell you that and Drain Doctor is no exception. 

Many of you will have seen mail shots from your local water company reminding you that you are responsible for that part of your drainage system that runs from your house to the main sewer. 

They are of course trying to sell you insurance but the basic message is accurate. 

In all likelihood, your home has a mains water supply provided by one of the regional water companies. Below ground the household waste pipes are channelled through inspection chambers near the house to join the main drain, which then runs into the water company’s sewer. 

A pipe that only takes drainage from a building or buildings within the same property boundary is called a drain. The water that drains into it may be surface water (for example rainwater from the roof) and/or foul water (for example, bathroom or toilet waste). The responsibility for unblocking a drain or repairing any defects lies with the owner or occupier of the building. 

This is the case even if the problem on the drain is beyond the boundary of the building or under a road or pavement. To avoid serious and expensive repairs it is a good idea to get your drains checked regularly by the professionals. 

Drain Doctor can inspect your drains using the latest CCTV technology. Using special inspection software Drain Doctor technicians can assess your drains and advise on any necessary remedial work. This is widely supported by many of the major insurance companies and water utilities. 

Using the software Drain Doctor’s technicians undertake detailed surveys of drains and document critical inspection work rapidly and thoroughly. Installed on an industrial PC it enables technicians to log digital video from CCTV inspections, still images and text data in an extensive, searchable database. They can identify potential problems and develop permanent solutions. 

Its reporting tools and a freeware viewer make it easy to share inspection results between technicians and head office. It means that Drain Doctor can provide an even better level of service to its customers, both commercial and domestic and help minimise disruption and cost. 

So make sure you give your drains a regular health check to help avoid costly repairs.


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