Cat stuck in toilet Down Under

A six-week-old kitten.

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First we had bank worker Mary Bale getting caught on CCTV depositing a moggy in a wheelie bin.

Now it seems kittens are getting flushed down toilets. New South Wales emergency services were called to a home in Sydney’s North West recently when a kitten was flushed down a loo by a two-year old girl. The kitten survived.  Rescuers were able to locate the pussy using a CCTV camera in the drain. They removed the toilet and a concrete slab in order to get the kitten out.

Hopefully the little girl wasn’t unduly influenced by Ding Dong Bell. Anyway, all’s well that ends well.

Remember, don’t use the toilet like a rubbish bin. Don’t flush large items such as nappies and avoid flushing wet wipes and materials that don’t break down in the water. If the toilet blocks – call the Drain Doctor.


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One response to “Cat stuck in toilet Down Under

  1. Brett Daley

    Must have used up one of its nine lives!

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