Thanksgiving turkeys cause American plumbing problems

Garbage, or food waste disposal from above

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Thanksgiving Day in the USA, the fourth Thursday in November, is a holiday for most Americans – but one of the busiest days of the year for Mr Rooter, Drain Doctor’s equivalent plumbing and drainage company in the USA.

The reason? Too much food and turkey fat going down the drain and the garbage disposal systems of American kitchens.

The  Mrs Rooter blog gives some good advice to avoid Thanksgiving plumbing problems. Although USA-style garbage disposal units are rare in the UK, the advice about not putting fat and grease down the drain is good advice on either side of the Atlantic.

Of course, over here it is Christmas rather than Thanksgiving that is the big holiday – and the big day for eating turkey. Mrs Rooter’s Thanksgiving advice is just as valid on 25 December, however.

Drain Doctor does not charge extra for turning out on Christmas Day (or at any other time) but your Christmas will surely be more enjoyable if you do not need to ring us!

If you do need us, though, just call 0800 70 71 72.



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