A heart-warming story of prosecutions and fines

Topography of New Zealand.

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Here is a heart warming story (for plumbers) from New Zealand where a court has fined someone claiming to be a plumber but operating without a licence.

In the UK, anyone can call themselves a plumber and there is no requirement to be licensed, trained or even competent (unless you are installing gas or electrical systems, in which case there are legal requirements for training and registration).

However, as this New Zealand court judgement points out, poor plumbing can be dangerous. The defects highlighted in this case included a lack of ventilation on waste pipes, potentially creating a risk of poisonous gases and pathogens entering the building.

It pays to use a competent plumber. In the UK, you cannot demand to see the plumber’s licence before letting him or her into your home – but if you call Drain Doctor on 0800 70 71 72 you know that not only does the plumber have the necessary training but all the work is fully guaranteed.



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2 responses to “A heart-warming story of prosecutions and fines

  1. one can argue that it can go both ways

  2. Brett Daley

    Here’s another one – from Australia


    The unlicensed plumber is apparently from “Safety Bay” – seems rather inappropriate, somehow!

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