Drain Doctor won’t keep you waiting at Christmas – or any other time

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A recent consumer survey has revealed that householders waste 800 million hours every year waiting for deliveries or repair men to turn up. This can be a real worry at Christmas, waiting for that vital last gift to arrive or getting the house ready for family and friends. 

National emergency drain repair company Drain Doctor Plumbing is helping to ensure that its customers are not among the 79 per cent of the population left waiting by reinforcing its own ‘customer comes first’ policy. 

According to the survey, the average waiting time is four hours but in reality customers can be left waiting the whole day to accept the service. 

Commenting on the survey, Drain Doctor chairman Freddie Mitman said: “Householders are expected to be available at the convenience of the supplier of the goods or services. There seems to be a notion in service providers that there will always be someone at home to receive them. 

“They don’t seem to realise that many householders are at work and have to take time off.” 

Often the delivery or the service visit fails to materialise during the agreed time, sometimes without even the courtesy of an explanatory phone call, which is a worry for people trying to make arrangements in time for Christmas. 

Not so with Drain Doctor Plumbing, explained Freddie Mitman. “We offer an exact time for all our service calls. If we are running late we inform the customer before the appointed time to arrange an alternative time convenient to them. 

“As part of our ‘dazzling’ customer service Drain Doctor has a policy that the customer comes first and we arrange all our calls with this in mind. What’s more there are no call out charges – even at Christmas.”


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