Parking problems

Van in bus lane with traffic wardens

One of the problems of working as an emergency plumber is finding somewhere to put the van when out on a job – without picking up a parking ticket. This can be a particular issue in some urban areas where there are yellow lines and parking restrictions just about everywhere on the public road and the customer often has nowhere for a van to be parked off the road. When you are fetching and carrying equipment – some of it heavy – between the van and the job, parking half a mile away is often not a realistic option.

Some traffic wardens are sympathetic. Some are not.

One plumber from Cheltenham got so fed up with receiving penalty notices from his local council while he was out on emergency call-outs that he paid his latest fine in pennies – 3,500 of them.

Is parking a problem for you? Why not let us know if you have any tips to avoid costly tickets while you are on call-outs.


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