Scouts repair pipes plumbing for DIY badge

The Scout Association

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As these scouts from the US discovered, plumbing can be a rewarding business. And it just goes to show how far Scouting has moved on from Bob-a-job and helping old ladies across the street.

The Scout Association in the UK offers many activities, including giving scouts the chance to earn a DIY badge. To earn the badge scouts can demonstrate how they would, among other things, unblock a sink, renew a tap washer, cure an airlock in water or radiator pipes, thaw frozen pipes, patch a leaking pipe or adjust the float arm of a cistern. They can also insulate a cold-water storage tank, pipes and hot water cylinder.

Perhaps there are some Drain Doctor technicians out there who have children in Scouts who they could help earn the badge. Alternatively, why not contact your local Scout troop and offer to help them with some practical training for anyone who wants to do the DIY badge. After all, you could be encouraging the next generation of Drain Doctors.


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