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Drain Doctor treats Royal Marsden

The team at South West London Drain Doctor have been treating the drains at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Chelsea. Aaron and Natalie’s team were called in to deal with unblocking drains at the world-renowned cancer hospital.

A CCTV inspection noted additional damage to the drains. The team identified maintenance issues and carried out re-lining work to repair the damage.

After all, prevention is better than cure.


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Drain unblocker Drain Doctor keeps Gloucestershire garden smelling sweet


Nick Cousins’ team at Gloucester Drain Doctor was recently called out to unblock drains at a popular Gloucestershire tourist attraction. They were called out on a Saturday to Colesbourne Gardens to complete the job while the garden was full of visitors. They needed to work quickly and efficiently to ensure that visitors who were there to enjoy one of the garden’s snowdrop weekends didn’t suffer an unpleasant pong during their visit.

After the work was completed Sir Henry Elwes KCVO, the owner of the gardens wrote:

Thank you very much for your speedy attention to our blocked drains at Colesbourne Gardens.

With around 750 people in the garden we were most appreciative of your service and the drains were unblocked in lightning quick time.

Your operator could not have been more helpful.

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Police swoop on plumbing work

You never know what you’re going to find when you go out on a plumbing job.

According to local news reports, what a plumber in Memphis found when trying to clear a blocked toilet was bones.  Police were called in and are now examining the material.

Are these human or animal bones? Is this the start of a murder investigation? We don’t know. Watch this space!

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DIY drain clearing closes school

Common household plungers: to the left, a toil...

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Sometimes clearing a blocked drain yourself is a good idea. It can be simpler, quicker and cheaper than calling in a professional – even when that professional is a Drain Doctor.

But sometimes DIY drain clearing can go very wrong. As it did recently at a school in the USA, with more than 30 pupils and the head teacher being admitted to hospital.

Drain Doctor’s advice is straight-forward.

Try using drain clearance chemicals, carefully following the instructions on the packaging and never using more than the recommended amount. Or try a ‘mechanical’ clearance with a sink plunger. Do not try to use a plunger after using chemicals if there is any risk of the chemicals getting onto you, your clothing or the surroundings.

Never mix different chemicals as the school janitors in this story appear to have done. You cannot predict the reaction that may occur.

And if simple DIY techniques do not work, call Drain Doctor – phone 0800 3357 999 or visit

Stay safe. Call a professional for anything but the simplest of jobs or in places (such as schools) where the risks of DIY are just too great.


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Fix a leak week

It is ‘Fix a leak week’ in the USA (honest – it is!) and our opposite number in the USA, Mr Rooter, has some handy tips for avoiding water waste.

Check out this article on the Mrs Rooter blog which has a few ideas. It also has a link to an animated diagram of a toilet which is quite interesting if you do not know how the equipment in your bathroom works.

There is no ‘Fix a leak week’ in the UK (maybe we should have one?) but why wait for a special week? If you have a leak, it is costing money. If you cannot fix it yourself, call Drain Doctor on 0800 3357 999 or visit

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More drain unblocking tips

Continuing our series on common drainage problems we offer some tips on how to avoid blocked sinks.

You are most likely to call a drainage technician because you have blocked drains or traps.  Blockages can cause bad smells and in the worst cases flooding.  There are a few things that you can do to avoid them. 

The kitchen sink is the most heavily used sink in the house, so it is the most likely to get blocked.   

•           Watch what you empty into the sink.  Don’t throw food waste, fats or cooking oils down the drain.  Fats solidify in warm water and get deposited on the pipes.  Layers of fat will build up over time and block the pipe.

•           Wipe out greasy pans with kitchen towel before you wash them.

•           Take food waste out of the sink rather than poking it down the plughole.  Use an empty milk carton or similar to store used fat in until you can throw it in the bin.

•           Remove hairs that get caught in the bath plughole each time you bathe.  Leaving hair to build up will clog the drain.  You can get strainers which fit in the plug hole that will catch and collect loose hair.  Clear soapy residue from plugholes by pouring disinfectant down them every once in a while.

•           Only use the recommended amounts of detergent in washing machines and dishwashers.  A build up of soapy residue over time will cause a blockage.

•           Don’t flush bulky disposable items like nappies, sanitary towels or bags of animal waste down the toilet.

•           Check your drains.  Lift covers and inspect for blockages regularly and make sure drain grids are free of leaves, moss and residue from the washing machine or other material that could cause a blockage.

•           Make sure that all the drains and gullies are covered and replace damaged covers to prevent blockages.

•           Keep an eye on guttering and down pipes (which take water from the gutters to the drains) and make sure that they are not blocked with leaves and debris. 

If the kitchen sink is blocked or slow to empty there is probably a build up of grease or debris in the trap and waste pipe.

To clear the blockage, rub petroleum jelly around the plughole to protect the chrome and sink from damage, then use caustic soda, an enzyme or chemical cleaner according to its manufacturer’s instructions.  Hook any debris (such as hair or kitchen paper) clinging to the plug hole grid with a hook made from a piece of wire. 

If the sink is completely blocked, and water will not run away at all, place a sink plunger over the plug hole, block the overflow then firmly pump the plunger up and down for a few minutes to clear the blockage.  If this doesn’t clear the blockage, place a bucket under the sink, remove and clean the trap. If none of this works then it is time to call Drain Doctor for specialist assistance.

Visit or call 0800 70 71 72 for your nearest technician.


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