DIY drain clearing closes school

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Sometimes clearing a blocked drain yourself is a good idea. It can be simpler, quicker and cheaper than calling in a professional – even when that professional is a Drain Doctor.

But sometimes DIY drain clearing can go very wrong. As it did recently at a school in the USA, with more than 30 pupils and the head teacher being admitted to hospital.

Drain Doctor’s advice is straight-forward.

Try using drain clearance chemicals, carefully following the instructions on the packaging and never using more than the recommended amount. Or try a ‘mechanical’ clearance with a sink plunger. Do not try to use a plunger after using chemicals if there is any risk of the chemicals getting onto you, your clothing or the surroundings.

Never mix different chemicals as the school janitors in this story appear to have done. You cannot predict the reaction that may occur.

And if simple DIY techniques do not work, call Drain Doctor – phone 0800 3357 999 or visit

Stay safe. Call a professional for anything but the simplest of jobs or in places (such as schools) where the risks of DIY are just too great.



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3 responses to “DIY drain clearing closes school

  1. Do not flush sanitary items and nappies down the toilet as this will certainly block the drains. Make sure that any small, loose objects such as toilet rolls, combs, medicine bottles are kept as far away from the toilet as possible to prevent them from being flushed down the drain.

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