Academics recognise the cultural importance of plumbing

The winner of an essay writing competition has been honoured for recognising the important contribution that plumbing has made to global culture.

Arizona State University engineering student Jessica Piper wrote a piece that successfully argued that the advance of human society and culture would have been drastically hindered without the wonders of plumbing.

From the ancient Romans to the British Empire, great societies and cultures throughout history have been underpinned by their ability to manage water. The Romans developed lead plumbing, aqueducts, indoor toilets and underfloor heating. Ingenious Victorian engineers developed large-scale urban sewerage systems and flushing toilets.

Who knows whether Plutarch would have sought to become a Roman citizen and written his Lives if it hadn’t been for superior Roman plumbing, or whether the medical advances of  the nineteenth century would have been possible without significant improvements in mass urban sanitation.

Plumbing systems require experts to manage them, keep the drains unblocked and the water flowing freely. That’s where Drain Doctor comes in. Modern society relies on functioning plumbing to manage water and it can rely on Drain Doctor to maintain it.


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