Drain Doctor’s price check policy avoids shocks

Drain Doctor technicians will always agree the price for a job from a national pricing menu before starting work.

Agreeing the cost of plumbing work up-front can help avoid rip-offs, misunderstandings and unpleasant situations like this one from the United States.

Recently, a plumber told police he was threatened while working at the home of a 75-year-old man who was upset about the cost of his repairs. The man told the plumber as he left that he would shoot up the plumber’s house if there were any more problems. The plumber told police he was taking the man’s threat seriously because he had seen the old man holding a revolver earlier in the day. However, there was no further incident and no charges were brought.

A burst pipe or blocked lavatory is always a problem. ‘Rip off’ plumbers, who can charge a small fortune just to take a look at the problem, turn it into a nightmare.

Drain Doctor charges no overtime for evening, weekend or bank holiday emergencies and there are no call-out charges . Every job is priced before work starts, working to a national pricing menu.

We are truly on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Service requests are handled quickly and efficiently and prices are agreed before the job is done, so there are no surprises – like the one that was in store for that American plumber. Our constant aim is to give superb and specialised service in a market plagued by cowboy operators who are overcharging customers for shoddy workmanship. Franchisees offer a full 24 hour per day seven day per week service and they give fixed-price, no obligation quotes with a full guarantee on all their work.


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