Crawley Drain Doctor flushes out felon

Paul Thorogood (left) and Crawley Drain Doctor franchisee Gavin Dimmock.

Public spirited Drain Doctor technician Paul Thorogood has been praised by Wandsworth Police after his tip-off led to a burglar getting caught red handed.

Paul, who works for the Crawley and Gatwick franchise, was on a routine call out to repair a leaking pipe in a Wandsworth loft when the incident happened. 

“I had gone out to the van to fetch something and I was just about to put the key in the door when I heard the sound of glass being smashed,” said Paul. 

“At first I didn’t think anything of it as there are a number loft conversions going on in the area. But when I saw rustling in the bushes in front of a house opposite I thought that something wasn’t quite right.” 

Watching the house for a few moments Paul saw someone climbing into the house through the front window. The quick thinking plumber called the local police who were on the scene in minutes. 

The police were able to apprehend the thief before he could make his escape. When Paul returned to the office there was a message from the police thanking him for his help in foiling the burglary. 

Crawley franchisee Gavin Dimmock said: “We are proud of Paul and his public spiritedness. His quick thinking was able to prevent a burglary and resulted in the crook being caught in the act. Paul’s actions just go to show that you can trust Drain Doctor to deliver dazzling service in more ways than one.”


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