Drain Doctor provides improved opportunities and service in the North West

Drain Doctor franchisees in the North West have pooled resources to purchase vacant franchise areas adjoining their own. Kevin Preston, who runs the Preston and Blackburn franchises and Nick and Lisa  Birtles, who run the Lancaster and Cumbria franchise businesses, are expanding into a number of vacant franchise areas around Greater Manchester.

The partnership has purchased the Bolton, Manchester Central, Wigan and Warrington franchise areas, creating the largest emergency plumbing firm in the North West of England.

Expansion has created more opportunities for growth. Lisa said: “Pooling our resources has created new challenges but we are working well together. Historically, franchises have had clearly marked areas of operation. We have blurred the edges a bit to provide a better quality service. Each technician runs their area independently but operates from one central regional office to reduce overheads.

“Kevin has a big commercial side to his business which provides opportunities to improve the potential of some areas which were previously not doing as well as they might. Our different areas of expertise complement each other.”


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