Expanding London franchise creates new management role

Paul Budgen

The London South East franchise business is expanding and in order to manage increasing demand a new franchise management role has been created. 

As the business manager Paul Budgen, a plumber with over 20 years experience under his belt, is taking on the day-to-day running of the franchise, leaving director Krishna Moorthy and business partner Paul Fleetham to concentrate on the strategic management of the business. 

Paul started as an apprentice plumber with his father when he left school. For the past 20 years he has run his own plumbing and maintenance businesses. 

Following a move to East Sussex Paul wanted a position in the area he lived in rather than having to commute. He said: “I wanted a role where I could use my experience as a plumber but with a young family it was important to be able to have some time with them and not waste it commuting. 

“When the role of manager at my local Drain Doctor franchise came up I jumped at the chance.” 

Krishna Moorthy added: “As we have rapidly expanded we have found the need to create a new role to assist us in managing the continued and growing operations of the franchise business. I am delighted to welcome Paul to the business as our new franchise manager. 

“With his wealth of experience in the plumbing trade and property maintenance business Paul will help us to ensure that we continue to deliver ‘dazzling’ levels of service to businesses and householders in London South East, Tonbridge Wells, Bromley and Bexley and the surrounding areas. 

“I would eventually like to expand the business into other niche areas by extending the scope of the Drain Doctor business into civil engineering. I would like to explore expansion into these areas with Drain Doctor backing. Paul’s appointment as a new manager will help us to concentrate on achieving this.” 

As well as being an experienced plumber Paul is also a retained fire-fighter. Among his more unusual call-outs was a fire at a local turkey farm. Paul said: “We were called out to deal with a fire in some hay bales that had been put together in the shape of a giant turkey to advertise the farm.” 

Luckily Paul and his colleagues dealt with the fire and local people were able to get their Christmas turkey.


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