Don’t overlook drain unblocking repairs – you’ll save in the long run

Trust Drain Doctor to solve any plumbing problems.

Never ignore the findings in your building survey when you buy a house. Even the smallest details, if ignored, could end up costing £1,000s.

One thing that surveys highlight is the importance of keeping your drains and gutters cleared and repaired. Leaking gutters can cause all sorts of internal damp problems upstairs, making the internal environment unpleasant at best and a hazard to health at worst. Damp walls are a breeding ground for moulds which can cause respiratory problems.

Leaking drains that carry grey water and rainwater away from the house can cause fundamental structural problems if left. A cracked pipe that leaks water into the soil around the foundations of a home can soften the soil and undermine the foundation of the property leading to subsidence. This can lead to uneven floors and cracks in the structure.

All this was highlighted recently in a Channel 4 programme presented by Sarah Beenie. A couple had been living in a property for 15 years and had noticed subsidence and internal damp problems. They had assumed – wrongly – that the house was teetering over a disused mine shaft. They ignored the problem because of fears over expensive repairs.

The reality was that the drains and gutters were broken, leading to structural problems that we have already mentioned. These things were noted in the property survey but were overlooked. Had they been picked up early on the couple could have saved themselves a lot of cash and a lot of worry.

So, it pays to check drains and gutters regularly and get blockages removed and repairs carried out by a reputable drainage repair company like Drain Doctor as soon as possible to avoid problems later.


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One response to “Don’t overlook drain unblocking repairs – you’ll save in the long run

  1. Very good blog post. I always mention that a plumber was unknown until the upsurge of modern society in the nineteenth century, the same time that local health departments began insisting on better effluent disposal systems to be installed and the same time that plumbers started providing a modern, clean service. Before this the waste disposal system meant collection and deposition in the local waterways.

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