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Drain Doctor takes a starring role

Drain Doctor is soon to appear on national telly.

A new series on BBC2 called Wonderstuff explores the science behind everyday domestic products. Episode 2 will be broadcast on Monday 1 August at 19:30.

Look out for the team at Drain Doctor London South East who are set to take a starring role in Episode 3.

‘Break a leg’ guys.


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The art of the toilet

Scanning the news on the BBC website  we came across a feature about unfashionable British artists long forgotten but who deserve a more exulted place in art history.

One of those artists is John Bratby 1928-1992. His specialty – painting toilets. He also gave us the term ‘kitchen sink’ meaning the depiction of working class life in a realistic gritty way which was popular in the 1950s and 1960s.

Are there any Drain Doctors out there with hidden artistic talents? We’d like to hear from you for a future feature on the blog.

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Drain Doctor ‘service out of this world’ – but you can’t call them for this job

Space Shuttle Atlantis as seen from the Intern...

Image via Wikipedia

Drain Doctor will go the extra mile to provide dazzling service to its customers. Technicians working for the largest emergency plumber and drain repair company in the UK would have to go a long way to beat these plumbers though.

Despite all the glamour of space travel, the most fundamental of human needs must still be met. Someone has to ensure that all the facilities are functioning. That’s why one astronaut – who had recently arrived at the International Space Station from the Shuttle Atlantis – was asked to fix a broken toilet.

One day space walking, the next day DIY.

Down to Earth, the needs are the same, but you don’t need to do the job yourself. Call in the professionals for a service that is ‘out of this world.’

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Drain Doctor helps householders avoid rip-off plumbers

A burst pipe or blocked lavatory is a problem at any time and it can prove to be an expensive nightmare. ‘Rip-off’ plumbers can charge a small fortune just to take a look at the problem.

If you needed a reminder of just how much of a financial nightmare this can be and how some companies are damaging the reputation of the emergency plumbing and drainage industry, just take a look at this from the Guardian newspaper’s Consumer Champions. One firm in Reading in Berkshire charged a customer over £500 for half an hour’s work, billing them by direct debit, allegedly without gaining their agreement to do this first or advising the customer of call-out charges.

Drain Doctor is reassuring its customers that it is maintaining its price check policy, even if it is called out to an emergency late at night.

No overtime is charged for evening, weekend or bank holiday emergencies and there are no call-out charges. Every job is priced before work starts, working to a national pricing menu.

Drain Doctor chairman Freddie Mitman said: “We are truly on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Service requests are handled quickly and efficiently and prices are agreed before the job is done, so there are no surprises. Our constant aim is to give superb and specialised service.

“Drain Doctor customers can rest assured that if they are unfortunate enough to suffer a plumbing emergency at night, Drain Doctor will not charge any more than at any other time of day.”

Launched in the United Kingdom in 1993, Drain Doctor Plumbing has quickly grown to become the country’s largest emergency plumbing and drain repair service. It now provides a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year service in every part of the country with each franchise run as an independent business.

The central principle is to deliver dazzling levels of service in a market plagued by cowboy operators who are overcharging customers for shoddy workmanship.

Franchisees offer a full 24 hour per day seven-day per week service with no call out charges and they give fixed-price, no obligation quotes with a full guarantee on all their work.

Technicians are trained not just with technical skills – including the latest techniques such as closed circuit camera drain surveys and no-dig drain repairs – but in customer care that is reflected in such things as wearing overshoes while in customers’ homes and clearing up carefully after every job.

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Prevention is better than cure for blocked kitchen pipes

According to an item on Chris Evans‘ Radio 2 Breakfast Show, as a nation we are spending more time each day in the kitchen. Kitchens are getting bigger and as they do we spend more time in them because they become the centre of the home.  Householders are preparing more food and as a result are tipping more waste down the kitchen sink – creating greater potential for blockages.

A blocked sink might not seem like a big problem but leave it to worsen and before long you might need to get professional help. There are, however, some things that you can do to avoid blockages in the first place. After all, prevention is better than cure they say.

Firstly, avoid putting things down the plughole that can restrict the flow of water. Don’t put cooking oils and fats down the sink or the outside drain. Oil and grease can build up in the pipes over time causing serious blockages and can pollute watercourses. Save old milk cartons and use them to pour the used oil into. You can then dispose of the oil-filled carton in the bin.

When you’re washing up after that romantic dinner for two or large family meal, scrape any waste food into the bin, even if you’re washing up in the sink, to avoid waste blocking the waste pipe under the sink.  Waste can build up over time and may block the pipes and drains. It can also create some unpleasant smells in the kitchen as it rots in the pipes.

If you do need to unblock the sink then you can use any number of products that are available at your local supermarket or you could try unblocking the sink using Alka Seltzer or baking soda and a little vinegar. The fizzing chemical reaction should loosen the material, which can then be washed away by pouring some hot water down the plughole.

If you can’t clear the blockage your self then you will need to call in the professionals – like Drain Doctor – who can quickly find the source of the blockage and quickly remove it, particularly if it is further down the system than DIY solutions can fix.

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