It’s all go for Middlesbrough Drain Doctor team

James Stairmand (left) receiving a Target Achievers Award from Drain Doctor chairman Freddie Mitman at a recent Drain Doctor Convention.

James Stairmand and his dedicated  team in Middlesbrough have been extremely busy working on commercial contracts recently.

They have recently completed a large site investigation at a local steel company, followed by a complete site clean that involved the removal of tarmac and other materials from 530 road gullies. The gully clearance is part of a large commercial contract for facilities management work at the Wynyard Business Park north of Billingham.

In addition, the team is working on a contract recently awarded to them by the local authority which included sorting out the drains at a wash-down bay at a local council depot.

Completing the work, along with the usual day-today emergency plumbing work, in just four working days was in large part due to the dedication of technician Lee Horner who was also moving house at the time.

James said: “All credit to Lee for helping us to complete these contracts. Local knowledge is important. It is important to approach new and existing businesses and offer Drain Doctor’s services.

“If I am driving past a business and notice that the car park is flooded, for example, I will call in and point it out to them and leave a card. It’s all about being proactive. As long as you keep your name at the forefront of people’s minds the work will come.

“We have also added some plant to our fleet to enable the business to better manage larger commercial work.”


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