Be community spirited – don’t throw cooking fat down the drain

Follow a few simple rules to save water - get your plumbing checked.Follow a few simple rules to dispose of cooking fat to avoid damaging flooding.

Parts of Peterborough – home to Drain Doctor – recently suffered flash flooding as a result of some violent summer downpours. Inadequate drains were blamed for the flooding.

Reading this story in the local paper indicates that, in some parts of the city at least,  it wasn’t the fault of inadequate drains but what people throw down them that was to blame.  By following a few simple rules householders can avoid the unpleasant problems from backed up drains.

Prevention, is of course, better than cure and Drain Doctor has a number of tips to avoid summer drainage and plumbing problems.

  • Install a strainer in plug holes to catch hair and other objects that could block drains.
  • Don’t pour fat and grease from cooking down the drain – pour it an old carton or container, allow it to cool, and put it in the bin.
  • Don’t dispose of old oil, paint or other substances down the drain.
  • Have an established plumber inspect drains for leaks, damage and corrosion and get problems sorted out while they are small, rather than waiting for a disaster! By using a CCTV camera in the pipes, plumbers can inspect and pinpoint exactly where drains are cracked, damaged or misaligned. Ask the plumber to give a diagnosis of the work needed and provide a written estimate up front. The ones who don’t probably have something to hide such as VAT costs or other ‘extras’.

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