Drain Doctor to the rescue

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Frank Cole, Bob Munro and the team from Drain Doctor Bristol can now add ‘animal rescue’ to their list of services.

Late on Sunday afternoon the team received a call from a father of a six-year-old girl whose prized pet rabbit Minnie had gone missing. A strange call for an emergency plumbing and drain repair company you might think.

But when Nick Clark explained that his daughter Hannah’s pet rabbit had gone missing after he had been putting in a soil stack for a new extension Bob put two and two together.

When he got to the scene the Clarks had been fearing the worst. Mrs Clark had taken Hannah to the zoo before she realised that Minnie was missing while Bob examined the drain.

The garden had been made rabbit proof so the logical place to look for it was down the soil stack. Using specialist CCTV equipment Bob undertook a drain survey. He found that the rabbit had climbed into the pipe, which Mr Clark had forgotten to block off, then got stuck further down the drain.

After he found the rabbit still alive in the drain Bob dug up the patio to reach the rabbit, rescued it and then replaced the drain and patio.

Bob said: “We were able to get Minnie out safely, although she was a bit wet and frightened. We only charged the customer for the CCTV survey because they were obviously distressed about what might have happened to their pet if we hadn’t got it out in time.”

Nick Clark was thrilled. He said: “Drain Doctor staff were friendly, helpful and considerate and the whole job was less expensive than I thought it might have been.

“It must have been very traumatic for the poor rabbit and Bob needed to take care when he was digging it out but he did us proud. They were quick, neat and very clean and tidy.”



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