Anglia Drain Doctor rallies friends for Help for Heroes

Recently three friends and me rallied in support of Help for Heroes.

The four of us took part in an international motor rally with a difference, raising £2,000 for Help for Heroes in the process. Help for Heroes is Drain Doctor’s designated charity for 2011/2012.

We are  all business owners who are members of Woodbridge Rugby Club. We decided we wanted to do something daft to raise money for Help for Heroes.  After giving the idea some thought we decided to take part in The Screwball Rally. It is a race around Europe which involved 50 cars going on a 2,000 mile round trip via Mannheim, Prague, Hanover and Amsterdam.

Our theme, we decided, would be Baywatch. We bought a C class Mercedes estate for £400 and painted it bright yellow with bathroom emulsion and added Baywatch logos. Three of us dressed as Pamela Anderson and one as ‘The Hoff’.

During the rally, run over five days from Thursday to Monday,we camped out at a different campsite each night along the route and spent the days driving between destinations.

We were lucky to complete even the first stage of the event. Our first night’s destination was Mannheim in Germany and a campsite on the banks of the Rhine. When we arrived at the campsite the police were waiting for us. The rally organisers had failed to register the rally with the German authorities.

The police thought we were racing across Germany. We tried to explain that all 50 cars involved in the rally would be lucky to complete the journey as they cost so little, but I don’t think they believed us. Perhaps it was our costumes that put them off.

The next morning we discovered that there were just three showers for the whole campsite. The queue was huge so the four of us waded into the river for our morning ablutions. Still we got back safely after a lot of laughs and raised some money for Help for Heroes in the process.


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