Keep hot water running smoothly and save energy this winter

With winter on its way and energy bills going up we could all do with ways of saving money. By making sure that your hot water is running efficiently you could save energy and cash.  Drain Doctor offers a few pointers.

  • A 3-inch (75mm) lagging jacket around the hot water cylinder can help cut weekly heat loss by up to 70 per cent.
  • Modern cylinders are supplied with foam lagging put on by the manufacturer.  Never be tempted to strip off part of the lagging to warm an airing cupboard.  It is cheaper to install a small heater instead.
  • The length of pipe between the hot water cylinder and the hot water tap is known as a dead leg because hot water left in the pipe is cooled and is wasted.  The longer the pipe the more hot water is wasted.  Water at 60oC travelling through a 15mm copper pipe loses heat equivalent to more than one unit of electricity for roughly each 300mm of run per week.  This is enough energy to heat ten gallons of water.  So the shorter the pipe the better.
  • Use a shower for daily bathing and keep the bath for a relaxed soak.  A bath typically uses as much as six times the amount of water a shower does.
  • Heat water only as needed.  Save money and energy by switching on an immersion heater an hour or so before the hot water is needed and then switching it off again when the hot water is not wanted.

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