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Stripping plumber from ‘down under’

Stripping plumber Dylan Yeandle from Australia’s Got Talent. Photo courtesy of The West Australian.

This article on an Australian website caught our eye.

And it may not be all that catches the eye. The article is about a plumber appearing on an Australian TV talent show – as a stripper.

Quite how that works with a family-oriented, prime-time TV audience is just one of the questions that springs to mind.

Another, inevitably, is – which Drain Doctor staff member, franchisee or technician would you like to suggest as a TV talent show contestant? As a stripper or anything else.

Your suggestions, as ever, would be warmly welcomed. If we get a number of names, maybe we could consider a ‘Drain Doctor’s got talent’ competition at the next annual franchisee convention?


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Summer is here – and with it comes smelly drains!

Drain Doctor recommends enzyme cleaners.

It’s summer at last – a few days of sunshine is forecast. And not before time!

However, hot weather can be a mixed blessing. After weeks in which drains have been overflowing, summer temperatures can bring some unpleasant problems – and smells.

For a start, the warm weather is great for bringing on summer plants (and summer weeds!) but, below ground, the roots that support the new growth can play havoc with drains and sewers, penetrating pipes and causing blockages.

As a householder, if the blockage is within the boundary of your property, you are responsible for clearing it. If it is beneath the street outside, it is probably the responsibility of the water company.

Locating the blockage can be difficult though. The best and most certain way is to put a CCTV camera into the drainage system to see what is actually down there – and where it is. A reputable drain clearance company will give you a detailed report.

Less serious blockages – in U-bends beneath sinks and baths, for example – require less serious treatment and you can often deal with these yourself.

There are a number of drain clearing products sold in supermarkets and DIY stores. Most will clear the initial problem – but few will stop it coming back.

Rather than using a chemical-based product, take a tip from the professionals and consider using biology to shift the blockage. At Drain Doctor Plumbing we use an enzyme cleaner which digests organic wastes in drains, breaking down fat and grease build ups which lead to odours and blockages. We recommend using the product on a regular basis to keep drains free-flowing and clean-smelling.

Using enzymes rather than chemicals is much better for the environment – and, in the long run, much more effective at keeping drains clear.

Prevention, is of course, better than cure and Drain Doctor has a number of tips to avoid summer drainage and plumbing problems.

  • Install a strainer in plug holes to catch hair and other objects that could block drains.
  • Don’t pour fat and grease from cooking down the drain – allow it to cool and put it in the bin.
  • Don’t dispose of old oil, paint or other substances down the drain.
  • Have an established plumber inspect drains for leaks, damage and corrosion and get problems sorted out while they are small, rather than waiting for a disaster!

By using a CCTV camera in the pipes, plumbers can inspect and pinpoint exactly where drains are cracked, damaged or misaligned. Ask the plumber to give a diagnosis of the work needed and provide a written estimate up front. The ones who don’t probably have something to hide such as VAT costs or other ‘extras’.

If you do have a drainage problem and simple DIY techniques don’t solve it, call in the professionals – but make sure they are professionals. Drainage is becoming increasingly technical and you should always seek a qualified drainage technician such as Drain Doctor Plumbing.


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What’s your best Drain Doctor Plumbing experience?

Drain Doctor Plumbing customer

“Here’s the problem” – a Drain Doctor technician shows a customer what needs fixing.

Mr Rooter Plumbing – which is Drain Doctor’s opposite number in the USA – is celebrating ‘Get to know your customers day’ (no, we didn’t know there was one, either!) with a competition to find the best customer experience with Mr Rooter.

We are not running a competition here in UK but the American idea did inspire us to write this note to ask customers to tell us about their best experience with Drain Doctor Plumbing.

Of course, providing ‘dazzling’ service is the norm for Drain Doctor technicians – but is there a member of the Drain Doctor team who has truly ‘gone the extra mile’, above and beyond even Drain Doctor’s standards, to solve a customer’s problem? If so, we would love to hear about it!

There’s no prize on offer but we would be happy to feature the story here on the Drain Doctoring blog and give the technician involved a public ‘pat on the back’ for outstanding service.

(And, if you want to know more about ‘Get to know your customers day’, let us tell you that it is the third Thursday of every quarter in the USA. The idea is that on this day business executives should get out from behind their desks and instead ‘work on the front line’, meeting real customers.  We haven’t heard of anything similar on this side of the Atlantic. Have you? If so, please let us know.)

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Solutions for hard water

Drop coming out of a faucet coated with calciu...

Drop coming out of a faucet coated with calcium from the hard water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much of the UK is affected by hard water which can give you problems in your kettle.  Not only that, the furring up of pipes caused by mineral deposits can adversely affect other things such as central heating systems, solar heating systems, dishwashers and washing machines.Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage, the UK’s largest emergency drain repair company, also happens to be the UK’s premier suppliers and installers of in-line water filter units and taps. These units can be anything from a simple taste and odour system to in-line systems to stop bacterial problems from private supplies from springs or wells.

By using one of Drain Doctor’s in-line water filters, scale will be a thing of the past.

If you live in a hard water area, you probably have issues with your tap water.  Fit a tap under your kitchen sink so that you can enjoy great tasting water at the turn of a tap.

For more details call Drain Doctor on 0800 3357 999

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