Solutions for hard water

Drop coming out of a faucet coated with calciu...

Drop coming out of a faucet coated with calcium from the hard water (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Much of the UK is affected by hard water which can give you problems in your kettle.  Not only that, the furring up of pipes caused by mineral deposits can adversely affect other things such as central heating systems, solar heating systems, dishwashers and washing machines.Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage, the UK’s largest emergency drain repair company, also happens to be the UK’s premier suppliers and installers of in-line water filter units and taps. These units can be anything from a simple taste and odour system to in-line systems to stop bacterial problems from private supplies from springs or wells.

By using one of Drain Doctor’s in-line water filters, scale will be a thing of the past.

If you live in a hard water area, you probably have issues with your tap water.  Fit a tap under your kitchen sink so that you can enjoy great tasting water at the turn of a tap.

For more details call Drain Doctor on 0800 3357 999


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