What’s your best Drain Doctor Plumbing experience?

Drain Doctor Plumbing customer

“Here’s the problem” – a Drain Doctor technician shows a customer what needs fixing.

Mr Rooter Plumbing – which is Drain Doctor’s opposite number in the USA – is celebrating ‘Get to know your customers day’ (no, we didn’t know there was one, either!) with a competition to find the best customer experience with Mr Rooter.

We are not running a competition here in UK but the American idea did inspire us to write this note to ask customers to tell us about their best experience with Drain Doctor Plumbing.

Of course, providing ‘dazzling’ service is the norm for Drain Doctor technicians – but is there a member of the Drain Doctor team who has truly ‘gone the extra mile’, above and beyond even Drain Doctor’s standards, to solve a customer’s problem? If so, we would love to hear about it!

There’s no prize on offer but we would be happy to feature the story here on the Drain Doctoring blog and give the technician involved a public ‘pat on the back’ for outstanding service.

(And, if you want to know more about ‘Get to know your customers day’, let us tell you that it is the third Thursday of every quarter in the USA. The idea is that on this day business executives should get out from behind their desks and instead ‘work on the front line’, meeting real customers.  We haven’t heard of anything similar on this side of the Atlantic. Have you? If so, please let us know.)


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