What a lot of balls – what’s down your drain?

A Drain Doctor CCTV survey will show you what is in your drains.

Drains can get blocked and clogged by all sorts of things – but a drain in the USA seems to have set a new novelty record.

According to the news story here the town of Parrottsville last week discovered the source of its drainage problem was 27 basketballs.

The Parrottsville Inn, which is located in the middle of town, would occasionally experience floods because of a nearby drain backup. Parrottsville Inn owner Raymond Robinson said the drainage problem had cost his bed and breakfast $1,200.  So, the town of Parrottsville decided to fix the problem.

That was when the discovery was made. Over a three day period, the town found 27 basketballs, 7 to 10 footballs and numerous baseballs and helmets deep inside the drains.  How they all got there is a bit of a mystery but some seem to have been in place for 60 years or more.

The story does give us an opportunity to promote a serious message, though. It demonstrates the value of getting a CCTV survey done of your drains when you have a problem so that you can see what is down there and locate (and then fix) the real source of the problem. Drain Doctor includes a free CCTV survey as part of its drain-clearing service. We use state-of-the-art systems to give you, literally, a clear picture of what is inside your drains.

A load of balls? Well, maybe. More usually it is things like tree roots that have pushed into the drain or a blockage created by a gradual build-up of material over time.

Whatever it is, if it isn’t supposed to be there, Drain Doctor will get it out!


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