Looking for a great date? Find a plumber!

We never doubted it. But now it’s official. Sort of. Dating website eHarmony says that plumbers make good dates.

We couldn’t decide which Drain Doctor technician we should picture alongside this article – so we borrowed this photo from eHarmony.

Among the 15 reasons listed on eHarmony are the facts that plumbers are refreshingly pretention-free, have job security, are great with their hands (yes, that’s what it says!) and are handy in general – you’ll have your very own handyman/woman.

What’s more, says eHarmony, plumber’s crack “is cute when it’s YOUR plumber’s crack”. We’re not so sure about this and at Drain Doctor we don’t go flashing it about. We do agree, though, with the statement that “plumbers have a great work ethic and demand quality of their work” – especially, of course, Drain Doctor plumbers!

Finding romance probably isn’t the best reason to give Drain Doctor a call. But if you have problems with your plumbing or drainage, give us a ring on 0800 3357 999.


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