Exploding toilets highlight pressures on power-assisted loos

Toilet bowl

Toilet bowl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to this story from the US over 2.3 million power pressure toilets have been recalled by the manufacturers of the pressure unit because they have been exploding. To date over 300 units have ruptured.

Pressure-assisted toilets work by compressing air in a storage tank inside the cistern. The tank is filled from the mains and when the tank is charged it blows water out into the toilet bowl and through the pipes. This kind of system can clean the bowl and drains more efficiently and has been marketed as ‘greener’ than a traditional toilet because it uses less water.

However, these systems are clearly not without their drawbacks. They are noisy and pressure can build up in the system causing them to blow up. They are not widely available or popular in the UK yet but, as with most imports from across ‘the pond’, it’s only a matter of time.

If you are thinking of purchasing a power-assisted toilet contact a local plumber like Drain Doctor for advice on installation and maintenance.



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2 responses to “Exploding toilets highlight pressures on power-assisted loos

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  2. Iswor Man

    I really love this kind of cistern- prresure-assisted cistern in the toilet & want every house in this whole world use this kind of cistern. Such programme surely check execcisive use of moost valuable liquid, WATER, whether it is from tap, underground, pond etc.
    As indicated in the content of information, there is a risk of blowing off.
    But, I am sure there is no risk at all using this kind of cistern. I had good experience of using it for a few months in a nice hotel.
    I want to introduce this in my country, Nepal, where there is a scarecity of water- tap, underground etc.
    So I want to have address of a dealer from whom I can make deal to import.
    Thank you.

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