Metal theft affecting plumbers

A heap of scrap metal.

A heap of scrap metal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

News of a spate of plumbing thefts from public toilets in the US has got police on the look out for a professional. It is believed that the parts are being taken for scrap metal as prices for scrap – both in the US and the UK – on the increase. However, it’s not an average metal thief being sought. Whoever is taking the taps and fixtures knows what they are doing because the water is being turned off and proper tools are being used to remove the parts according to this report.

Metal theft is a serious problem in the UK. According to figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) there are approximately 1,000 incidents of metal theft reported every week at a cost to the UK economy of £770 million.

Popular targets for metal thieves in the UK are municipal manholes and drain covers. However, plumbers across the country have reported the theft of copper from their vans. And it’s not just the theft of materials from unguarded vans. According to the Country Landowners Association, recently a gang stripped out the copper pipework of 16 toilets, six showers and 12 basins overnight from a campsite in Wales.

During the course of their work Drain Doctor technicians should always be on the lookout for metal thieves and report any suspicious activity to the authorities.


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