Don’t let blocked drains give you a Halloween scare!

A pumpkin carved into a jack-o'-lantern for Ha...

A pumpkin carved into a jack-o’-lantern for Halloween (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the nights draw in and we get ready to set the clocks back, we would like to let you know about a scary new problem that can affect the UK’s sinks and drains at this time of year.

Halloween, ‘trick or treat’ and pumpkin lanterns are becoming increasingly popular in the UK at the end of October.

Along with the pumpkin carving comes the problem of what to do with the sticky waste from inside the vegetables. When pumpkin pulp goes down the kitchen sink drain, the orange flesh hardens and sticks to the pipes, leading to clogged drains.

The trick to keeping pumpkin pulp and seeds from turning Halloween into a plumbing nightmare is as easy as pie.

  • Instead of carving your jack-o’-lantern over the kitchen sink, try doing it on a pile of newspaper on the counter or kitchen table. You need to be careful when removing and disposing of the pumpkin’s sticky insides.
  • Keep the paper well away from the sink. Carefully wrap the pulp and then either bin it or – better still – put it in the compost heap.
  • Instead of throwing the away the seeds, Halloween revellers can plant some for next year’s crop of Halloween pumpkins.
  • The seeds can also be roasted for a tasty and nutritious seasonal snack.

If you are unlucky enough to get a blocked drain give Drain Doctor a call on 0800 33 57 999


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One response to “Don’t let blocked drains give you a Halloween scare!

  1. Brett Daley

    Apparently we’re going to spend £268 million on Halloween this year. I wonder how much of that will be on clearing blocked drains?


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