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Drain Doctor set to ‘Go for Gold’ in 2013

Franchisees, staff and guests enjoy Drain Doctor Plumbing’s nineteenth annual convention in Chester.

Franchisees, staff and guests enjoy Drain Doctor Plumbing’s nineteenth annual convention in Chester.

Drain Doctor Plumbing has voiced its commitment to further expand its business and ‘go for gold’ in 2013 at its nineteenth annual franchisee convention.

Staff who attended the long weekend of business presentations and social events in the historic Cheshire town of Chester heard a bullish opening presentation from chairman Freddie Mitman, who remains optimistic about sustained growth prospects for the company throughout 2013 and beyond.

He said: “At the start of our third decade in business it is essential that as a group we are firing on all cylinders in order to make strong progress. We had great highlights in 2012. We established a break-through in acquiring jobs through the internet, national accounts grew by 15 per cent and some positive marketing was done in many areas.

“We are already ‘going for gold’ in 2013 and early signs show that we are already on an upward trend.”

Senior managers from Drain Doctor’s head office gave presentations on various aspects of franchise management, including marketing. Olympic rowing gold medalist and inspirational speaker Ben Hunt-Davis MBE also spoke at the event.

Ben talked about the concept of always asking the question ‘will it make the boat go faster?’ – constantly checking to make sure the team is doing the right thing and keeps trying to do the right thing better to achieve gold.

He said: “In order to grow your business, doing the right thing right will probably not be good enough. You’ll need to make sure that you are constantly learning, improving and doing what will take you in the right direction better than you’ve ever done before.”

Other presentations stressed that Drain Doctor is a ‘people business’ which requires passionate leadership and setting goals in developing the Drain Doctor business and meeting the demanding standards which the company has set.

Among the other speakers at the convention who picked up on the same theme was Mary Kennedy-Thompson, president of Mr Rooter – Drain Doctor’s equivalent in the USA. She stressed the importance of leadership and the need to have a powerful purpose and a passion for what the business is doing.

The annual convention is organised by Drain Doctor for its franchisees. A number of franchisees were presented with awards for outstanding business performance.


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