New Drain Doctor service keeps rats from up the drain pipes

Drain Doctor Glasgow ratflap

Jimmy Smith, owner of the Glasgow North franchise business of Drain Doctor has introduced the installation of an anti-vermin ratflap to his range of services.

Jimmy Smith, owner of the Glasgow North franchise business of Drain Doctor Plumbing, the UK’s largest combined emergency plumbing and drain repair service, has introduced a novel service for domestic and commercial customers.

Rats have always been a problem in city sewers – but Jimmy and his technicians are able to install a special flap in customers’ drains to keep them out.

The Ratflap is installed in a strategic location that creates an impenetrable barrier that prevents rats getting into properties via the sewer. Once installed the Ratflap does not disrupt the normal operation of the sewer.

Finding and fixing a rat problem once they have got into the wall cavities and roof spaces of a home or business premises can be lengthy and expensive. The Ratflap is a cost-effective way of keeping rats at bay. It is a stainless steel flap which cannot be gnawed through that is secured under the manhole cover of the sewer inspection chamber, aligned with the flow of the pipe and pushed into place.

The Ratflap is held in place by the friction that it exerts on the inside of the pipe. For deeper drains extension poles are available to create a perfect fit.

“There is definitely a need for a product like this, not just in large cities like Glasgow but in rural areas as well. We are rolling this out to our own customers. At the moment we are testing the water but if there is sufficient interest I hope the whole Drain Doctor network would take it on as an additional service nationally,” said Jimmy.

“Installation is quick and easy and it provides a permanent solution to keeping rats out of the drain pipes.”

Jimmy offers the service to homes and businesses throughout the Glasgow North area.


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