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Nottingham Drain Doctor signs new 10-year agreement

Drain Doctor franchise contract

Pictured signing their new ten-year contract are (left to right) Yvonne Muntaner, Freddie Mitman, Juan Muntaner and Jan Mitman.

The owners of the Nottingham franchise of Drain Doctor Plumbing have marked a decade in the business by signing a new ten-year franchise agreement.

Drain Doctor Plumbing is one of the few franchisors in the UK to offer its franchisees ten-year agreements, underlining the confidence it places in its franchisees. The agreements allow people such as Juan and Yvonne Muntaner to run their own businesses under the ‘umbrella’ of a national brand.

The Muntaners launched their franchise business in Nottingham in 2003 and later expanded to cover the Peterborough franchise area as well.

Yvonne said: “We are delighted to have been a Drain Doctor franchise business for ten years and we are looking forward to another decade. The fact we have been part of its network for all this time is a tribute to its system.”

Over the past ten years the Muntaners have grown their business. They took on the Peterborough franchise business in 2010. They now have four technicians in four fully-equipped vans and two part-time office staff.

“To celebrate our first ten years with Drain Doctor we have moved into new offices in Bourne, Lincolnshire. We have been working from home since we launched.

“We are working towards further expanding our business by adding another four technicians and four vans with two full-time office staff by the end of 2015.”

Yvonne added: “Despite the ‘double-dip’ recession it has still been possible to grow the business sustainably with hard work and dedication to Drain Doctor’s proven formula. It offers a recession-resistant opportunity where we can be independent operators running our own business but with all the back-up that comes with being part of a large national organisation.

“We are delighted to have signed up for a further ten years with Drain Doctor – it allows us to continue to grow our business.”

“The fact that Juan and Yvonne have now signed up for a second decade is a tribute to the business model which we have developed,” said Freddie Mitman, chair and founder of Drain Doctor Plumbing. “It underlines the success which franchisees are experiencing in continuing to build their businesses.”



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Positive signs of growth in 2013

Drain Doctor Plumbing  – the UK’s premier combined emergency plumbing and drain repair service – is confident of positive growth in the UK economy following the recent release of official GDP figures.

Drain Doctor chairman Freddie Mitman is optimistic about sustained growth prospects for the company throughout 2013 and beyond. His predictions are borne out by national statistics.

Freddie Mitman - confident of growth

Freddie Mitman – confident of growth

Nationally, the UK economy grew by 0.3 per cent in the first quarter of 2013 according to figures from the Office of National Statistics. The figures for Q2 show 0.6 per cent growth. Forecasters predict this to continue in Q3 and Q4 giving a one per cent growth for the year.

Mr Mitman said: “At the start of our third decade in business as a group we are firing on all cylinders in order to make strong progress. We had great highlights in 2012. We established a break-through in acquiring jobs through the internet, national accounts grew by 15 per cent and some positive marketing was done in many areas.

“The early signs for the first half of the year show that we are already on an upward trend in 2013 and in many ways we are in the finest possible position to grow as the country emerges from recession. Shops are suffering, sales of cars are suffering, purchases for the home are suffering, and holiday bookings are suffering but Drain Doctor in comparison is not suffering.

“The continuing success of Drain Doctor is testament to the hard work of our franchisees as they develop their businesses.

“Particularly over the past few years, when the economy generally has been in poor shape, our franchisees have demonstrated that with the Drain Doctor system it is possible to grow a profitable franchise business.”

Launched in the UK in 1993, Drain Doctor Plumbing quickly grew to become the country’s premier combined emergency plumbing and drain repair service. It now provides a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year service across the country with each franchise run as an independent business.

Customers get fixed-price, no obligation quotes, a complete guarantee on all work, and a full 24 hour per day seven day per week service with no call out charges – so people pay the same price for work at any time of day or night.

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