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Autumn brings leafy problems for drains and gutters warns Drain Doctor

drain doctor unblock leaves from drainsAs the country gets back to work after a great summer don’t forget that Autumn is just around the corner. As the weather changes, trees provide a kaleidoscope of colour in our parks, gardens and countryside. But as the leaves fall they could potentially be blocking drains and gutters in homes and businesses up and down the country.

Blockages caused by a build-up of leaves in drainage systems can cause problems not just outside but also with toilets, sinks and drains inside a property. Not only that, rainwater overflowing from blocked gutters can cause water to pour down external walls causing potential problems with damp later.

To help householders and businesses avoid these problems Drain Doctor is offering a few tips to prevent drains getting blocked.

• Watch where the leaves are falling. Breezes can cause them to blow around and collect in gutters and drains. Sweep leaves up as they fall, bag them and take them to the compost heap.
• Get covered. Buy covers for drains and downpipes in guttering systems to prevent fallen leaves getting into the drainage system.
• Scoop out leaves from gutters and drains before they become a problem.

If you have a ‘problem drain’ you can arrange a CCTV inspection of your drains by a trained Drain Doctor technician to see if there are problems that should be rectified before they become a serious issue in the winter months.

Drain Doctor is available on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Its services include all plumbing and drainage repairs, CCTV drain surveys, drain lining and replacement. Customers get fixed-price, no obligation quotes, a complete guarantee on all work, and a full 24 hour per day seven day per week service with no call out charges – so people pay the same price for work at any time of day or night.

For emergency drain unblocking and gutter clearance call Drain Doctor on 0800 3357 999.


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