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Kitten makes Mr Rooter a TV star

Cat in drainThe Pittsburgh franchisee of Drain Doctor’s ‘opposite number’ in the USA – where the business is known as Mr Rooter – has featured in local newspapers and on television after rescuing a kitten from a drain.

A local couple kept hearing meowing in their garage – although they don’t have a cat. Investigations revealed that the cries were coming from a kitten trapped in a drain beneath the garage floor.

They tried soaping it with dish washing liquid to slide it out. They called a local animal charity for help. Nothing worked.

Eventually they called Mr. Rooter. Technician Brian Bruni decided the only way they would get the cat free was to use a jackhammer to break up the concrete around the drain. Even when that was done, there was still a cast iron drain stuck around the kitten’s neck which had to be carefully split using a hammer and chisel.

Although it was wet and shaking, the cat appears to be OK – and it has now been adopted by the couple who own the garage which nearly became its last resting place.

You can read the story and see the TV coverage here:



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