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Time to look at rain water harvesting

With all the rain around it’s time to seriously consider rainwater harvesting

With all the wet weather we are experiencing at the moment and the recent drought conditions still fresh in the memory it is a good time to consider installing a rainwater harvesting system.

Usually rainwater runs off roofs through the soakaway system and is lost. In properties that have the old combined sewage system, rainwater joins the foul water and flows through the drainage system to the local water treatment plant for cleaning.

Now it is possible for homeowners to collect and use rainwater and re-use ‘grey’ waste water from sinks and baths – helping to save money and the environment in the process. Reduced water consumption can lower bills and help to create a more sustainable built environment.

In addition to its plumbing and drainage services, Drain Doctor provides a complete rainwater harvesting installation service that includes site surveys, planning consultations and building and inspection work.

There are two types of water harvesting system. By installing a collection tank in the garden, rainwater runoff from the roof can be collected and used to fill a water butt or supply a garden tap by use of a pump.

Rainwater is harvested for non-drinking water applications and can also be pumped back into the house for use in flushing toilets and filling washing machines.

The second type of water harvesting involves collecting grey water from sinks, washing machines and dishwashers and using it to flush the toilets. With this system household water is used twice which has an immediate payback on the water meter.

Drain Doctor franchisees offering the service will project manage the whole installation from start to finish. We will liaise with planners and complete the work using selected highly trained subcontractors, tailoring each solution to the customer’s requirements. The customer will have one point of contact from the start to final completion of the project.

For more information on rainwater harvesting or any other Drain Doctor service call us on 0800 33 57 999 or visit our website


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Heed flood warnings or face massive disruption says Drain Doctor

Heavy rain is increasing the risk of damaging flooding.

Communities in the South West of England and South Wales have been massively disrupted by flooding caused by recent bad weather. The Met Office has also issued further severe weather warnings for the South West, South East and East of England. Businesses across England could face serious disruption and may lose customers if they don’t take steps to prevent flooding this summer, warns the UK’s largest emergency plumbing and drainage company.

Drain Doctor Plumbing  is urging businesses to make sure their drains are free of any blockages from such things as fallen leaves to ensure the potential risk of flooding is minimised. A simple CCTV drain survey can help to identify any blockages or potential problems.

Many people think flooding is something that won’t happen to them, but the risk is there. Being unprepared simply means the chance of an incident increases.

Although insurance policies can cover damage to property, damage to businesses in terms of lost working hours and even lost clients is often not covered. This is why it is vitally important for businesses to take the time now to make sure their drains are clear of any blockages and are in good working order.

According to the Environment Agency over 5 million people in England and Wales live in properties that are risk of flooding from rivers or the sea. Add to this the risk of surface water, sewer and groundwater flooding and the potential for disruption becomes massive in periods of severe wet weather such as we are experiencing at the moment.

The Association of British Insurers predicts that coastal floods and storm damage will increase significantly over the next 50 years. Inland, more frequent heavy rainstorms and increased seasonal rainfall could result in more flooding from rivers.

This spells trouble for businesses across the country which aren’t adequately prepared for the damage flooding can do.

Let Drain Doctor help you to get your drains clear, and as fast running as they can be, before potential trouble arrives.

  • Drain      Doctor Plumbing – 0800 3357 999.

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Keep scratching for top prize in Drain Doctor card competition

Since its launch earlier this year, there have been plenty of winners in Drain Doctor’s scratch card contest who claimed their prizes.

However, we want our customers to keep on playing because there are still big prizes up for grabs.

Each Drain Doctor franchise has been busy giving away scratch cards to their customers. The prizes on offer include free home checks, CCTV drain surveys and bottles of enzyme cleaner.

There are also two 40-inch flat screen TVs still to be won.

Lots of lucky Drain Doctor customers have already had the benefit of a free home check or CCTV inspection. But two lucky customers somewhere in theUKstill stand the chance of winning a TV.

Keep handing out those cards because who knows, the winner could be in your area. That will give you a great chance for a bit of free PR.

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The transfer of private sewers and lateral drains

As of 1 October 2011 the ten water and sewerage companies in England and Wales automatically became responsible for privately owned sewers and lateral drains located outside property owners’ boundaries. These pipes were previously the responsibility of the owners of the properties they are connected to. 

The idea behind this government initiative is to relieve property owners of responsibility for repair and maintenance from property owners, who can face unexpected and potentially expensive bills or complex ownership issues when problems occur with these pipes. 

However, it’s important to remember that property owners still retain the ownership and therefore the responsibility of the drain serving their property that is located within their boundary. 

What is a private sewer?

A sewer is a pipe that carries waste water from more than one property. Sewers often run along several properties or towards the road. Most are owned and cared for by the local water company. 

Some groups of properties are connected to private sewers. Before 1 October 2011 these sewers were the responsibility of the owners or occupiers of the properties connected to them. The water and sewerage companies are now responsible for maintaining these. 

What is a lateral drain?

A drain is a pipe that carries waste water away from a single property. Drains belong to the owner of the property they are connected to. A drain is the property owner’s responsibility until it connects to either someone else’s drain or a sewer. Nearly every property is connected to its own private drains. The property owner is responsible for their repair and maintenance. However, some properties – such as apartment blocks – have shared drains. Owners of these properties are jointly responsible for their drains. 

A lateral drain is the part of a drain which lies outside the property boundary. In some cases these can be located under someone else’s land or a road. Before 1 October 2011 lateral drains were the responsibility of the individual property owner they serve. 

On 1 October 2011 private sewers and lateral drains were automatically transferred to the water and sewerage companies. The local water and sewerage company is now responsible for the maintenance and repairs to these pipes.

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Rogue plumbers give trade a bad name

Drain Doctor prices its jobs before work starts according to a national pricing menu.

Recession-busting Drain Doctor Plumbing is helping householders and businesses to keep their maintenance costs under control by maintaining its price check policy. No overtime is charged for evening, weekend or bank holiday emergencies and there are no call-out charges as every job is priced before work starts, working to a national pricing menu.

‘Rip off’ plumbers can charge a small fortune just to take a look at the problem. Take this rogue plumber who was recently caught out by BBC TV’s Watchdog programme.

It’s people like these who give our trade a bad name.

We are truly on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Service requests are handled quickly and efficiently and prices are agreed before the job is done, so there are no surprises. Our constant aim is to give superb and specialised service. The central principle is to deliver dazzling levels of service in a market plagued by cowboy operators who are overcharging customers for shoddy workmanship.

Drain Doctor technicians are trained not just with technical skills – including the latest techniques such as closed circuit camera drain surveys and no-dig drain repairs – but in customer care that is reflected in such things as wearing overshoes while in customers’ homes and clearing up carefully after every job.

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Drain Doctor price check to beat rogue traders

Drain Doctor prices its jobs before work starts according to a national pricing menu.

According to this story in The Telegraph about a pensioner who was charged £14,000 for unblocking his drain, rogue traders are still giving the emergency plumbing industry a bad name.

Drain Doctor is keen to dispel that image. That’s why the UK’s largest emergency plumbing and drainage repair company is reassuring its customers that it is maintaining its price check policy, even over bank holiday weekends.

No overtime is charged for evening, weekend or bank holiday emergencies and there are no call-out charges. Every job is priced and agreed with the customer before work starts, working to a national pricing menu.

We are truly on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Service requests are handled quickly and efficiently and prices are agreed before the job is done, so there are no surprises. Our constant aim is to give superb and specialised service.

Drain Doctor customers can rest assured that if they are unfortunate enough to suffer a plumbing emergency over the coming August Bank Holiday weekend, Drain Doctor will not charge any more than at any other time of year.

Franchisees offer a full 24 hour per day seven day per week service with no call out charges and they give fixed-price, no obligation quotes with a full guarantee on all their work.

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Dundee Drain Doctor Refurbs Dens Park Gutters

Drain Doctor technicians at work on the guttering at Dens Park, home of Dundee FC.

Trevor Muir and the team at the Dundee franchise of Drain Doctor Plumbing  have completed the wholesale replacement of the guttering at Dundee FC’s Dens Park stadium. 

Life-long Dees supporter and local Trevor was delighted to win the contract. 

“The job has been our largest contract of this kind to date. Much of the guttering around the stands was brought down during heavy snow in February. Drain Doctor was called in to replace it. So much of it had come down that we had to renew the whole guttering system,” said Trevor. 

Jim Thomson, operations director at Dundee FC, told us: “Drain Doctor is our contractor of choice for plumbing works at the stadium so we approached Trevor about the guttering. He convinced me that he could manage the whole contract from start to finish, which he has done very successfully. 

“The job needed to be completed in two phases. The first phase required the guttering to be made safe for everyone who uses the stadium and Drain Doctor needed to be flexible and versatile to achieve that goal.” 

The second phase was completed at the end of the football league season. 

Drain Doctor is a national company but is very much part of the local community in each of the franchise areas that it serves. Each franchise is an independent local business. 

The club is important to the community in Dundee, so we were delighted that Trevor was able to help the Dundee FC Supporters Society to ensure that the facilities at the stadium are kept in tip-top condition.

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