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Drain Doctor supports the next generation of young chefs

Jan Mitman pictured with Cromwell Rotary Club Young Chef 2012 Jasmine Tidswell

Drain Doctor Plumbing  has sponsored a competition organised by the Cromwell Rotary Club to find its Young Chef of the Year for 2012.

Students from Hinchingbrooke and St Peter’s Schools in Huntingdon showed off their culinary skills to competition judges Jan Mitman, franchise sales director at Drain Doctor, and Tim Ireson.

The eight teenage contestants were each asked to prepare a healthy and economical meal in 90 minutes, which were then subjected to a taste test by the judges.

The standard of cooking was high and we were impressed with the dishes that were prepared. Although they were simple ones they were very tasty. Finding the eventual winner proved to be no easy task.

Everyone at Drain Doctor is delighted to continue its involvement with this event. We are closely involved in the catering industry so it makes sense to support the next generation of young chefs and catering professionals coming through.

First place in the Young Chef contest went to St Peter’s School student Jasmine Tidswell, who now goes forward to compete at district level against students from Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Lincolnshire. The district winner moves on to compete in the national finals, the winner of which will be crowned as one of the best aspiring chefs in the country.

With so many celebrity chefs in the public eye, cooking is becoming very popular. Students see what can be achieved and want to prepare more than just fast food. We are pleased to be able to help them realise their ambitions.

The 2011 national competition was judged by Valentine Warner who is always full of encouragement for young newcomers to cooking. Part of the Drain Doctor ethos is to work hard and aim high and that is the message that this competition gets across.

Congratulations to Jasmine who has progressed to the district competition and has something higher to aim for. We wish her and the other students well for the future as they progress.

Second place went to Rebecca Anderson of Hinchingbrooke School, while St Peter’s student Josh Howells took third spot.

In addition to our domestic plumbing and drainage services, we provide grease management solutions including grease trap maintenance for commercial kitchens in hotels and restaurants around the country. We also supply an exclusive enzyme cleaner which digests grease to help control the build up of grease in drainage systems that can cause blockages, foul odours and potential environmental problems, so it makes sense to continue to support this event.


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£40,000 fine for fat down the drain

Image of a pipe

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Scottish Water is threatening £40,000 fines for companies that empty cooking fat into drains. It estimates the cost of clearing blockages caused by fat in the sewers to be around £2 million every year and is ‘getting tough’ with the companies that create the problem.

The solution (as Scottish Water points out) is for restaurants and food processors to fit a grease trap that will separate fats and oils from waste water before it goes into the sewer.

Drain Doctor can advise on fitting grease traps and can also service traps already fitted, to make sure they are working as they should. It must be cheaper than a £40,000 fine!


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