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Nottingham Drain Doctor signs new 10-year agreement

Drain Doctor franchise contract

Pictured signing their new ten-year contract are (left to right) Yvonne Muntaner, Freddie Mitman, Juan Muntaner and Jan Mitman.

The owners of the Nottingham franchise of Drain Doctor Plumbing have marked a decade in the business by signing a new ten-year franchise agreement.

Drain Doctor Plumbing is one of the few franchisors in the UK to offer its franchisees ten-year agreements, underlining the confidence it places in its franchisees. The agreements allow people such as Juan and Yvonne Muntaner to run their own businesses under the ‘umbrella’ of a national brand.

The Muntaners launched their franchise business in Nottingham in 2003 and later expanded to cover the Peterborough franchise area as well.

Yvonne said: “We are delighted to have been a Drain Doctor franchise business for ten years and we are looking forward to another decade. The fact we have been part of its network for all this time is a tribute to its system.”

Over the past ten years the Muntaners have grown their business. They took on the Peterborough franchise business in 2010. They now have four technicians in four fully-equipped vans and two part-time office staff.

“To celebrate our first ten years with Drain Doctor we have moved into new offices in Bourne, Lincolnshire. We have been working from home since we launched.

“We are working towards further expanding our business by adding another four technicians and four vans with two full-time office staff by the end of 2015.”

Yvonne added: “Despite the ‘double-dip’ recession it has still been possible to grow the business sustainably with hard work and dedication to Drain Doctor’s proven formula. It offers a recession-resistant opportunity where we can be independent operators running our own business but with all the back-up that comes with being part of a large national organisation.

“We are delighted to have signed up for a further ten years with Drain Doctor – it allows us to continue to grow our business.”

“The fact that Juan and Yvonne have now signed up for a second decade is a tribute to the business model which we have developed,” said Freddie Mitman, chair and founder of Drain Doctor Plumbing. “It underlines the success which franchisees are experiencing in continuing to build their businesses.”



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Drain Doctor celebrates 20 years

Peterborough-based Drain Doctor Plumbing

Jan and Freddie Mitman cut a cake to celebrate Drain Doctor’s 20th anniversary.

Jan and Freddie Mitman cut a cake to celebrate Drain Doctor’s 20th anniversary.

– the UK’s premier combined emergency plumbing and drain repair service – is planning a year of celebrations to mark 20 years in business.

The company was launched in the UK in 1993 by husband and wife team Freddie and Jan Mitman who are still ‘at the helm’ today.

They started with just a single ‘test’ area before starting to sell franchises to motivated individuals who wanted to build their own businesses with the benefits of a national brand.

The company swiftly expanded and Drain Doctor Plumbing now has franchisees across the country.

The business has been built on the Drain Doctor ethos of delivering ‘dazzling service’ which includes a full guarantee on all work, a genuine 24-hour service with no call-out charge and no extra charges for calls outside of normal working hours. Customers get a fixed price quotation so they know exactly how much they will have to pay before work is started.

Technicians are trained not just with technical skills – including the latest techniques such as closed circuit camera drain surveys and no-dig drain repairs – but in customer care. As well as a full set of tools and parts each Drain Doctor van carries a special red carpet which is used to protect the floor in the working area. The technicians wear overshoes while in customers’ homes and clear up carefully after every job.

The company is a full member of the British Franchise Association and franchise sales director Jan Mitman was recently elected as chair of the BFA’s Midlands Forum.

Company chairman Freddie Mitman said: “The continuing success of Drain Doctor is testament to the hard work of our franchisees as they develop their businesses.

“Particularly over the past few years, when the economy generally has been in poor shape, our franchisees have demonstrated that with the Drain Doctor system it is possible to grow a profitable franchise business.

“We are delighted to be able to mark our first 20 years in business and are now looking forward to the next two decades!”

Drain Doctor franchisees across the UK and Ireland, together with their customers, will be invited to join in the celebrations as the 20th anniversary year gets under way.

  • Drain Doctor Plumbing – 0800 3357 999.

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Recession busting North West Drain Doctors celebrate national award

Drain Doctor Plumbing chairman Freddie Mitman (centre) presents Kevin and Dawn Preston with their Franchise of the Year award.

Drain Doctor Plumbing chairman Freddie Mitman (centre) presents Kevin and Dawn Preston with their Franchise of the Year award.

Preston-based Drainage Investigations & Solutions, a franchise business of Drain Doctor Plumbing which covers the North West of England, has crowned another successful year by being presented with the Franchise of the Year award at the national group’s annual awards ceremony.

Group founder and chairman Freddie Mitman presented franchise owners Kevin and Dawn Preston, representing Drainage Investigations and Solutions, with their trophy at a gala awards night at the Devere Village St David’s in the historic Cheshire town of Chester.

The award is given to those franchisees who have not only generated outstanding financial results related to the population of the area they serve but have developed good customer relationships, are good Drain Doctor ‘team players’ and follow the Drain Doctor ‘system’ to provide dazzling levels of customer service.

Freddie Mitman said: “Kevin and Dawn are among our longest-serving franchisees and are very much a part of the solid backbone of Drain Doctor Plumbing. The company wouldn’t be the same without them.

“Since they joined us Kevin and Dawn have grown their business every year, going on to develop the North West Consortium together with Nick & Lisa Birtles, the franchisees from Lancaster They are both husband and wife teams which have shown themselves to be committed, loyal, ambitious and knowledgeable. They are a wonderful model for other franchises to follow.

“They have demonstrated the strength of the Drain Doctor system in delighting customers with first-class plumbing and drainage services and they are now reaping the rewards. Winning the Franchise of the Year award is testament to this.”

Kevin added: “The Franchise of the Year award is recognition of the hard work the team has put in to provide people throughout our operational area with dazzling plumbing and drainage service.

“This would not have been possible without us all working together and I am proud to have such a dedicated and loyal team. Drain Doctor Plumbing rewards dedication, enthusiasm and customer care and we are delighted to have picked up this award.

“Success is the product of a national identity coupled with a proven system and the ongoing training and motivation of our technicians. Despite the current recession our new and returning customer base is increasing and we have expanded accordingly.”

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Time to prepare for the winter months

Follow a few simple tips to avoid frozen pipes during the cold snap

The clocks have gone back, the evenings are drawing in and there is frost on the ground. Autumn weather will soon give way to winter. You might be looking forward to long Sunday lunches and Christmas, but it is easy to forget how dependent we are on our plumbing systems so now is the right time to put a bit of effort into preparing for the winter months to ensure they are in tip-top working order. Don’t let plumbing failures spoil your enjoyment of the season. This is particularly important if you are expecting to host family or friends over Christmas.

Kitchens, toilets, showers and baths will work a lot harder during these periods than at other times throughout the year so you have to be prepared to avoid having to call a drain cleaning expert. If you are unfortunate enough to need a drain unblocker like Drain Doctor remember that there will be no call out charges, even over bank holidays.

In the kitchen, avoid throwing cooking fats and oils down the drain. The cold will make them set even faster. In winter a clog could be very inconvenient to deal with, even for the most experienced emergency plumbers. Pour fat into an old drink carton and put it in the bin.

To keep drains clear and flowing to avoid a call-out it is a good idea to run some cold water down the drain before and after using it to ensure any small particles stuck to the sides of the pipes are washed away. In order to avoid any uncomfortable moments try to do the washing up when none of your guests are using the shower.

Showers should be spread out around 15 minutes apart. Avoid family and guests taking showers one after another in order to maximise your boiler’s efficiency. You can also turn the water temperature up to ensure everyone has a nice warm shower.

Finally, ensure that your pipes are properly prepared for the winter. Frozen pipes can burst and lead to severe damage. Always know where your water main is so that you can turn it off in an emergency. Drain all of your garden hoses and lag all of the exposed pipes around your house. These simple steps can not only help make your home more energy-efficient, which will save you some money in the process, but they will also help to prevent any major damage as a result of the winter.

Here are a few tips to help protect your plumbing and drains for the rest of the winter:

  1. Locate and label your main stop valve. It is on the incoming mains water supply and is often under the kitchen sink.
  2. Stop valves tend to corrode slightly with time, so once every six months check that it’s working by exercising the valve twice from fully open to fully closed and back again (and always back the valve off ‘half a turn’ from fully open once you’re done).
  3.  Make sure that all your pipes and storage tanks are properly lagged and covered, especially in cooler roof areas and attics.
  4. Open the loft door to warm the roof area in very cold weather. This will stop the pipes up there from freezing up (but it will push up your heating bills – so lagging pipes is a better idea).
  5. Inspect cold water cisterns (they are probably in your loft) annually. If there are any signs of corrosion or leaking, contact a reputable plumber.
  6. Leave the heating on a low temperature to maintain circulation and warmth if you are going away for a few days.
  7. Bleed radiators for maximum efficiency.
  8. Keep curtains closed to retain heat in the home.
  9. Insulate/lag any pipes in exposed areas where they could freeze.
  10. Isolate, drain and insulate any outside taps and pipework.
  11. Try to avoid pouring fat down drains, as it will solidify fast in cold weather.
  12. Plumbing is becoming increasingly technical. Always seek a qualified professional plumber such as Drain Doctor Plumbing. Call them 24 hours a day on 0800 3357 999.



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October is ‘Toilet tank repair month’

There are more national and international awareness days than there are days in the year. They range from reminders of worthy causes to the downright bizarre.

The US leads the way. Administrative Professionals Day (21st April) probably has limited appeal but in our industry a mere 24 hours isn’t enough to get the message across. So how about Appreciate Your Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Professionals Week (20th-26th June). ‘We all know the discomfort we experience when our toilet breaks,’ says the promotional blurb. ‘Appreciate Your Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Professionals Week is a chance to acknowledge the great service these professionals provide.’

We also have World Water Day and World Plumbing Day in March.

This month. apparently, it’s toilet tank repair month in the US [http://www.huliq.com/8684/88051/october-national-toilet-tank-repair-month-and-more-october-trivia]. Perhaps we should take a leaf out their book?

In the US 70,000 gallons of water are lost each year through leaky toilet cisterns – one in four of all cisterns across the country. Here in the UK thousands of litres are lost. It is important to ensure that the cistern is maintained.

To repair leaks or replace leaky ball valves why not give your local Drain Doctor a call on 0800 3357 999 to receive dazzling levels of service that should lead to a national awareness day in the UK.

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Let’s hear it for the ladies

Drain Doctor Plumbing chairman Freddie Mitman (centre) presents John and Helen Rushforth with their Franchise of the Year award.

Female plumbers have it tough in an industry that is dominated by men. But if you think that’s the case in the UK take a look at this story from Egypt. Housewife Um Bassem battled against the odds to become the best-known plumber in her district of Cairo.

In the UK there are a number of female-only plumbing businesses. However, according to industry estimates there are around 160,000 plumbers in the UK of which only about one per cent are women.

According to consumer surveys householders are increasingly seeking female plumbers because they feel safer and more relaxed having them in their homes. These often include single women, the elderly and members of religious groups. It is perhaps time to encourage more women into the industry.

At Drain Doctor there are a number female franchisees out there who are doing a fantastic job running their businesses. We would like to hear from some of you about your experiences in the trade. We would also like to hear from any female technicians on the vans about what it’s like to be working in the trade.

Hopefully those experiences are positive ones that will help to encourage more women into the trade.


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Survey reveals the oddest things block drains

Drain Doctor advice: Throw peelings in the compost and oil in the bin to avoid blocked drains.

According to this article a recent survey revealed some peculiar items found down drains. They included traffic cones, engine parts, guns and ammunition, bales of cocaine and false teeth. Obviously a bit of a rough neighbourhood.

But it’s simple household items such as baby wipes, cooking oil, potato peelings and paint that careless householders are throwing down the drain along with £87 million – the cost of unblocking them – the survey says.

Drain Doctor Plumbing and Drainage has some handy precautions that you can take to help keep your home’s plumbing in good working order and save some cash in the process:

  • Throw food scraps in the bin and put left over vegetable matter like potato peelings in the compost pile.
  • Avoid pouring grease down the drain, because grease hardens when it’s in your pipes and can cause a blockage over time.
  • Wipe off greasy plates and pans with a paper towel before washing them.
  • Remove small objects from the top of your toilet tank that could fall in causing it to block up.
  • Make sure you throw paper towels, napkins, wet wipes or facial tissue in the bin, don’t flush them down the toilet.
  • And if you’re expecting a police raid, find somewhere other than the toilet to hide your stash of drugs!

These tips will help keep your plumbing in good working condition. However, if you are unlucky enough to have a plumbing emergency, Drain Doctor is always on call, and there’s never an overtime or call-out charge.

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